Online Fun

Here is a collection of ridiculous efforts I've put into fake, dumb, exciting, and always fun online experiments and ideas. This is all on top of #roofbreakup (click for link), which got millions of views, and First Comes Love (click for more) which is selling out shows around the country.

Million Dollar Uber: On New Years Day I created a fake Uber receipt saying I had spent over $1million on an Uber ride, due to surge pricing. The internet reacted and people freaked out, believing it was real, and I even got dozens of direct messages from news outlets requesting statements, to which I replied.

Clickbait Word Clouds: I made some fake word clouds for presidential candidates, but they caught on amongst people who thought they were real. I also made a fake one for myself. 

The Basket Incident: I saw an ad on Craigslist for a wicker basket. The ad was very specific and off-putting, so I pursued purchasing the basket, which backfired and led me to fear for my life. Video of the story below.

Weird Fake Online Clickbait: I just like making fake online clickbait stuff.

Super Tuesday Exit Polls: Some fake exit poll results I made for Super Tuesday.