A few years ago, comedian and bored drunk Kyle Ayers decided to post a fake job on Craigslist, out of pure curiousity. He put an ad up, claiming to be a producer for a very prominant adult film (porn) company. "Send me your best three to four page porn script. I want to find the 'next big thing in adult film writing.' And make it weird."

He wasn't sure what to expect, but he certainly didn't expect the flood of responses. Over 1,000 responses in just under a week. Musicals, movie spoofs, personal experiences put down on pages, sex toys you've never even heard of, everything. Over a thousand scripts and (still!) growing. After a while, Kyle decided it was time to do something with these scripts. 

Using the talents of some of the best comedians around (and willing members of the audience!), First Comes Love honors this aspiring porn writers by acting these scripts out, live on stage. Word for word, line for line, typo for typo, comedians, actors, and audience members pay tribute through performance, and get really, really weird. Props, costumes, everything that would make up a bad high school theater production.

First Comes Love has consistently sold out rooms across the country, and has been featured in the SF Sketchfest, Riot LA Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival, Comedy Takeover in Houston, and more! 

It has featured Sasheer Zamata, Ron Jeremy (yep!), Kurt Braunohler, Josh Gondelman, Jo Firestone, Tim Dillon, Ryan Singer, and so many more great performers.

First Comes Love is also now a podcast on Howl (Earwolf's premium podcast service)! Check it out!