Never Seen It

Comedians rewrite famous movies that they've NEVER SEEN. We put too much effort into producing them, LIVE on stage. 

Created and hosted by Kyle Ayers. Scripts based on what you've overheard or learned through pop culture and pretending-at-parties. Famous movies written by people who've never seen them, acted out by comedians on stage, complete with live soundtrack. If you've never seen the movie, you'll laugh along with the writer. If you have, you may be infuriated when there is a droid named R2-3PO. 


Past movies never seen include: Jaws (Kyle Ayers), 12 Angry Men (Jo Firestone), Annie Hall (Jean Grae), Star Wars (Will Miles), The Godfather (Anna Drezen), Pan's Labyrinth (Brett Davis), Rudy (Julio Torres), and more! The show runs regularly at Union Hall in New York, and has been featured in the Brooklyn Comedy Festival.